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Khajuraho is one of the most visited historical monuments located in the central part of India exactly in Madhya Pradesh and one would love to visit these exceptional love making sculptures in the temples dating back to hundreds of years. One can reach this place via Jhansi. In fact, these temples are constructed by the descendents of moon god and it took a period of 200 years to construct these temples. Also called the Khajuraho group of monuments, the temples are divided into zones. The ASI has found another temple buried under the ground and this is by far the largest monument that has been excavated so far. There is the legend of Hemavati associated with Khajuraho. It is said that she was very beautiful and moon god saw here bathing once and made love to her. She could not resist moon god and as a result of it, a son was born. He was mighty and became the king. He killed tiger when he was sixteen years of age.

The Rajputs who constructed Khajuraho group of monuments are known as Chandela Rajputs. Apart from the sculptures of love making in these temples, one can also find the images of gods and goddesses of Hinduism and Jainism. Visit the famous temple of Laxmana. One can enjoy the dance festival in Khajuraho in the first week of February. There are some classic performances from the expert performers from the various parts of India. For the honeymooners, Khajuraho is an awesome place because the sculptures in these temples give the prior knowledge of the love making art based on the ancient Indian texts of Kamasutra.

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